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Wooden houses in Poland, Gaining Increasing year group of supporters. The popularity is due to The fundamental benefits of wood: structural strength, good insulation, low thermal inertia, ease of processing and high aesthetics. With wood, you can build houses of different sizes, all different architecture and technologies.

We offer a unique, comfortable and ecological homes of roundwood.

Proposed by our company wooden houses are built of logs of pine or spruce. Many years of experience we have in the field of manufacturing of wooden houses, allows us to offer products of quality time and the installation runs highest. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the use of wooden houses made by us.



The building blocks from which are fabricated wooden houses is so flexible that it allows the construction of houses with large areas, both on the ground floor and the attic. Modern solutions allow you to have your dream home.
The cozy house, with a unique climate.

 In our projects, we took into account the nature of traditional rural houses, their climate and well-being, so that your home will be an oasis of peace, to which you return with a smile on his face after a hard day job. To meet your needs and expectations, we also individual client projects. Management of modern machines and has excellent knowledge of the technology by qualified and professional team of employees, we will build a dream home for every family. We provide full satisfaction both during the construction of the house, and trouble-free in the house for many years.The secret of our success is the raw material from which arise our log homes . We constantly strive to provide the highest standards of service.

 "Healthy House" - natural wood as raw material with the auto-moisture capacity, it creates a unique and difficult to achieve using other technology microclimate inside the building. In countries where wood construction is widespread, statistical inhabitant of these homes live more than ten years the inhabitants of the houses with concrete.