about company

Our company is engaged in the construction of wooden houses. We build gazebos and houses with round wood logs. We are able to build a house according to each project. Wood we use to build homes comes from Russia. The wood is of high quality. The dry and cold climate of the region makes wooden balls have better insulation properties. The constant cooperation with the Russian sawmill allows us to maintain the best quality wood and prices favorables.Nous build houses with cedar, pine and larch logs with a diameter of 160 mm to 400 mm.

wooden beams form a unique microclimate that provides welfare. It has a positive effect on the psyche and allows you to relax and rest. The walls of houses built of logs, breathable, inside and outside, thus ensuring its humidity, whatever the weather conditions outside. This house is stable because it is well preserved. houses properly used with logs can be used for several generations.

Pine - The thermal conductivity of these wood species is from 0.14 to 0.17 W / (mK). The appropriate thickness using wooden logs (220 mm) can eliminate the need to use other insulating materials. The raw material is pine (Pinus silvestris), which is a soft wood, easy to handle, elastic, with good mechanical strength.

Cedar - two times better insulation than pine (strong stringy and small annual increases of less than one millimeter). Siberian pine is particularly valuable because it grows in extreme conditions (long winter with low temperatures to -50 degrees C). This material for its properties provides a sterile room, a positive effect on the heart, sleep, also has anti-allergic properties. It is characterized by positive energy, pleasant smell and unusual color - pale pink. In homes built air cedar, it is always clean and the humidity is maintained at an appropriate level.

Larch - Siberian larch is characterized by high weather resistance and good resistance against fungi. Therefore, larch is ideal for outdoor use.